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Final discourse of the site



This is the last file of our site.  We have try to get you to know  and appreciate Rome, and the Roman people; this link allow you to  download an ideal touristic programme  for a week in Rome, with many suggestions  and practical advice, including a relaxing  tour on foot to help you to understand deeply this city.


Link to  download  ZIP file


  Some final advice: come to  Rome not only  to know and visit it , but to feel it…. and live it!

It isn’t enough to walk down the streets   visiting in an hurry a monument after another. You have to enjoy Rome in its details, looking all, because, every alley, every single street, hides some history, art and culture.

Glance up, and you will see wonderful ceilings, secular staircases, the fountains (named nasoni), elegant courtyards, street lamps  and marble inscriptions on the walls, palaces of different styles and materials, but always of ancient times, and when you will do it, think that that same street was covered by emperors, generals  and popes many times ago.

In this architectural  casbah, we find the Romans, communicative and playful population. They like laughing, and maybe among them, you will find descendants  of  nobles, and artisans of many times ago, or artists of  ancient professions, handed on from father to son.

Sit down before a  table in the town centre or in one of the surrounding districts  and you will see views which look like  postcards,  characteristic characters….. talk to them, you won’t regret it!

 Don’t run then, maybe go back, and try to understand  Rome and why the Romans love it !… “During   the hot summer evenings  the Romans, go round their city, eating  a  “gratta checca” or a slice of cold watermelon, in the alleys of their history, having a special relation….. a  faith!”




Rome is a  metropolis with about  4 million inhabitants. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year, with peaks of presences  during the week-ends and the holydays. Like all the  capitals in the world also in Rome you can meet more or less reliable people .

Some useful suggestions and advice  to unpleasant surprises :

  • Pay always attention to your wallet in  the undergrounds and buses,  !!
  • Don’t rely on  Tourism Guides who haven’t any licence  (identification card with photo) and not official Taxis .
  • Change money only at the specific  change offices or banks.
  • Don’t think to make a bargain, buying antiques in the streets , or in not-certified  places.
  •  No games of chance in the streets ( for example  in the Sunday market of Portaportese).
  • Always check in advance prices, change, in restaurants, bars, etc. .
  • Pay attention to wares exchanges (telephones, radios) proposed  in  the streets.
  • Remember that the prices of drinks and sandwiches in the stalls, city centre and in the places where  the number of tourists is greater , are very high, (there are many supermarkets everywhere - see link ………).
  • Don’t go to  deserted places and  with no lighting, and , above all if you have drunk too much alcohol.
  • Danger of brawls , in the areas where there are many pubs, bars, and discos. Don’t accept  any challenges.
  • Avoid  Rom women, who propose you reading  the future on the  palm of  your hands , often  there are some accomplices in the surroundings.
  • Pay attention when you cross the streets even if you are on the zebra crossing..



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