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The croissants

The croissant in  Rome is a real institution, which is usually eaten at the end of a night with friends. The most desired  places are the workrooms working at night to stock bar e cafés on the following day. In these places you can eat a croissant when it is just taken out of the oven (hot).

Here it is a list of places where you can go:

  • Cornetto di S. Francesco - Via Emanuele Filiberto, 279 opened 8 months ago. The croissants are good, but the best is the croissant with ricotta and drops of chocolate
  • Workroom in Trastevere, there is a great variety of croissants and sweets (doughnuts, cream puffs), so it’s a good thing to choose between the fried and baked sweets. It is situated  in Vicolo del Cinque, 40 and it is open daily .
  • Workroom a Trionfale, in Via A. Emo, 25/g.  Simple or stuffed,  not too sweet croissants and above all without the aftertaste of butter. Open daily until 20:00 pm.
  • Workroom al Fontanile Arenato, in Via del Fontanile Arenato, where the croissants are good and it seems  they are just taken out of oven. Open 24 hours a day.
  • Confectionery Romoli, Viale Eritrea, 140



The Café

An Italian pleasure, a real philosophy. Here they are the places where you can taste a good coffee:


  • Tazza d'Oro / Casa del Caffè - via degli Orfani (Pantheon)
  • Café Sant'Eustachio - piazza di Sant'Eustachio (piazza del Pantheon)
  • Café della Pace - via della Pace (Piazza Navona)



The Maritozzo (currant bun) with cream

The maritozzo (currant bun) with cream is a typically Roman product, made of soft bread with pine-kernels, grapes and candied orange rind  and usually cut  longitudinally in two and filled with whipped cream.

You can find it in many confectioner’s shops and bars but the most famous is the “il Maritozzaro” in viale Trastevere 297 where on Saturdays night you had to queue to taste one.



 The Grattacheccha

The grattachecca is a refreshing typical food of the Roman summer.
It is prepared with grated  ice and one or more syrups or fruit juices and pieces of fruits. The word comes from the verb grattare ( to scretch) and checca, the name  which identified a big block of ice used to refrigerate the food, when the fridges didn’t exist.

  • Grattachecca  Sora Maria

Via Trionfale on the corner of Via Telesio, open from 17 to 2.
Historical kiosk situated in the Prati area, exactly at Via Trionfale on the corner of  Via Telesio, where you can taste a fantastic grattachecca with the  shaved ice manually, and pieces of Amalfi citron. You can get to it by the underground A getting off at Ottaviano San Pietro, going on to Viale Giulio Cesare, Via Leone IV, crossing via della Giuliana, taking via Trionfale and turning left at the fourth crossing.

  • Grattachecca Sora Mirella

L. Tevere degli Anguillara-Ponte Cestio (Historical Centre) open from 9.30 to 3.
During the hot summer days, you can’t resist the tasty  simple and genuine “grattachecche” of the Sora Mirella. You can easily get to the kiosk from Termini taking the coach  H and getting off at the stop  Sonniono/S.Gallicano, from there  200 metres on foot.

  • Grattachecca Fonte d’oro

L.Tevere Sanzio and P.zza G.G. Belli (Trastevere district ) open from 10 to 2.
The specialities of this kiosk are the grattachecca with the pieces of fruits and the multicolour  syrups, and thank to these specialities it is always  very crowded. To get to the kiosk along the Lungo Tevere Sanzio, from Termini, you have to take the 64, get off at the stop Vittorio Emanuele/S. A. Della Valle, from there 650 metres on foot; while to get to the other at Piazza Belli, from Termini, you have to take the coach H and get off at  Sonniono/S.Gallicano.



The ice-cream

The flavour of the ice-cream is always a matter of tastes, but these are, in our opinion and in Romans’ opinions the better ice-cream parlours:

  • Gelato di San Crispino – Via della Panetteria 42  - Trevi / Via Acaia 56 Appio Latino
  • Bartocci - Via Alessandria 145 - Porta Pia
  • Gelateria dei Gracchi - Via dei Gracchi 272 - San Pietro / Viale Regina Margherita, 212 Porta Pia
  • La Fonte della Salute - Via Cardinale Marmaggi, 2 - Viale Trastevere
  • La Fata Morgana - Via Ostiense, 32 - Piramide
  • Lanzalotto - Viale Somalia (in front of the Bingo)
  • Tony - Largo Missiroli Alberto, 13 ( Gianicolense Ring Road)



 The Confectioner’s

The most desired confectioner’s shops in Rome are the Sicilian and Neapolitan, which offer typical sweets of the Sicilian and Neapolitan culture:

  • Ai Monasteri, Piazza Delle Cinque Lune 76 – Tel. 06/6542783
  • Antonini, Via Sabotino 21-29 – Tel. 06/38O998
  • Canova, Piazza del Popolo 16 - Tel. 06/3612231
  • Dolce Roma, Via del Portico d’Ottavia 2O/B – Tel. 06/6892196
  • Frati Trappisti, Rinascimento 72 – Tel. 06/6542783
    Speciality: the chocolate

  • Golosia, V.le Romania 11/B – Tel. 06/8O787OO
    Speciality: 50 differents kinds of chocolates

  • Il Forno del Ghetto, Via Del Portico d’Ottavia 1 - Tel. 06/6878637
    Speciality: cake with ricotta (cheese) and visciole (cherries)

  • La Bella Napoli, Vittorio Emanuele 246 – Tel. 06/6877O48
    Speciality: Neapolitan sweets




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