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Roman Philosophy


The Roman people are calm, nice and good company, and if they can relax  after lunch… they are happy !!because the “pennichella “(sleeping after lunch) as it is called in Rome….. is sacred!!

The Roman people are fine fellows, they like laughing at everything , they like enjoying life, and they use the words “fuck you” as a saying, seldom in an insulting way, as when they are serious….. go away!!

Clever, great “lady lovers”.. the football and the women at the first place in their life!!(after having eating and drinking).

This is a sentence which well describes the philosophy of the Roman people:

 “A noi ce piace de magna e beve… E nun ce piace de lavorà!!” (we like eating and drinking and we don’t like working) (Roman popular song – the society of the “magnaccioni”)





Roman Philosophies:



It is better to be born lucky,  than to be born rich



If there isn’t a remedy….….
Why do you get angry?
And if there is a remedy ……
Why are you getting angry?



The most important days of our life are two:
1)  the day we were born
2)  and the day we will understand why !!!!





Life is a “play”,
some people have a good time and
other people have a bad time…..
but the most important thing is,
taking part….and
leaving a mark !!



is not a bad word ….
but a better way,
to help people,
to find the right way !!!



Se il vino non lo tieni, l’uva mangiala a chicchi

Non pensare troppo,
che poi, ti ritrovi  con tante risposte…
che non sai cosa farci!









Love is like a egg, it's good when it's fresh!



I don’t want to get married,
not because I don’t like it,
but because I don’t want to
have stranger in my house !!



It’s not me, who doesn’t think about you …
“it’s you , who aren’t in my mind”





It’s not me , who is different…
it’s them, who are all the same !!



I do many things, wrong things …
But, I do them well !!



Who  gets engaged for love,  leave for anger.





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