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Getting around


Subway, bus and tram

The best way to get around the city is the Subway, because it is exempt from traffic capitol, but also buses and trams are useful for getting around Rome.

Because of the wealth of archaeological excavations, Rome is provided by only two subway lines (with line C
under construction), but nevertheless they cover adequately the metropolitan area of Rome:
Line A starts from the Cinecittà neighborhood and arrives to the Vatican Museums passing from Termini Station, while the B line connects the EUR district with the Colosseum and the main other stations, as Ostiense, Termini, Tiburtina.

The lines A and B of the metro open every day at 5:30 and close at 23:30 from Sunday to Thursday and on Friday and Saturday close at 1:30.

From the road, the stops are clearly identifiable by signs with a big white M on a red background.

Tickets can be purchased in tobaccos, bars or directly in metro stations, and there are different types of tickets:
BIT (€ 1.50) valid for 100 minutes from the first validation or one ride the metro.
BIG ( 6.00) valid for a day, for an unlimited number of trips.
BTI (€ 16.50) valid for 3 days, for an unlimited number of trips.
CIS (€ 24.00) valid for 7 days, for an unlimited number of trips.
Roma Pass ( 30) allows you to use public transport for 3 consecutive days, as well as enjoy various benefits for the same period in museums, tourist attractions, shops, theaters (for in
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For more information, visit and to calculate your route consult the useful page




Another convenient and safe way to get around the city is the Taxi. The number to call a taxi is 060609. The service charge will depend on the meter.

It's also secured a discount of 10 % on the amount in the following cases :
- Direct runs to the hospitals in Rome;
- For single women who use the service at night;
- For young people coming out of the disco on Friday and Saturday after appropriate agreement with the operators of the local;

There are also predetermined rates that are all-inclusive of all the extras, here's the list :

    -From Fiumicino Airport to the Aurelian Walls and vice versa : € 48.00
From Fiumicino Airport to Castello della Magliana - Parco dei Medici , and vice versa : € 30.00
From Fiumicino Airport to New Fair of Rome and vice versa : € 25.00
-From Fiumicino Airport to Ciampino Airport and vice versa : € 50.00
-From Fiumicino Airport to Tiburtina Station and vice versa : € 55.00
-From Fiumicino to Ostiense station and vice versa : € 45.00
-From Fiumicino to Civitavecchia - Porto and vice versa : € 120.00
-From Ciampino Airport to the Aurelian Walls and vice versa : € 30.00
-From Ciampino Airport to Tiburtina Station and vice versa : € 35.00
From Ciampino airport to Ostiense station and vice versa : € 30.00

In every which way races that originate inside the GRA and destination Fiumicino Airport , and vice versa, may not exceed the amount of € 70.00 .

For more information go to:




Another way, pleasant and fun, for getting around Rome is the bicycle. Very convenient to move around in the alleys of the city center and it has the ability to access to the ZTL (limited traffic area).
And it's possible to rent bicycles or electric bicycles in various parts of the city (see In addition, the bicylce can be transported, after 20.00 on the metro lines A and B and on the Rome-Lido railway .



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